a saturday in manayunk

blogging has been more difficult this week, it’s been hard to find the motivation to write and post. but I will share a few images of spending some time in Manaynk yesterday with a person (boy) who is becoming very special to me and taking me on some of the best adventures I’ve had yet. from the architecture to the terrain, I think it’s safe to say that this is an area that I would enjoy nesting in someday. we walked out onto the landing of the Flat rock Dam and somehow ended up on the paddle boat of a family who was generous enough to offer us some beers and a ride down the Schulykill River.

2019-10-06 10:39:43.588.JPG
2019-10-06 10:39:57.438.JPG
2019-10-06 10:39:55.956.JPG

1st saturday

wow. my first saturday here in philly. it’s crazy.


last night was cool. I got to really see the city from a perspective that really opened my eyes to the way it is laid out. It’s comparable to roman city engineering, the most important aspects of architecture are in the middle, and the rest of the buildings are built around these. In roman times, the emperors home was the center of the city, and the remainder was based on a rectilinear grid system. This system allowed for compact placements of homes and a set flow for traffic.

The planning of philadelphia was similarly inspired by this and also inspired multiple other cities as it was used for a growth model onward.

Last night I was on top of the Bok building, which was built in the year 1936. it was opened as a school for arts with over 3,000 students. today it has been converted into a restaurant, rooftop bar, and is now operated by a design company called Scout. It’s really cool to see how a city can transform pre-existing spaces, repurposing is probably one of my favorite aspects of architecture.

today i’m trying to take it easy and recharge, process my first week here and try to find balance. my soul feels a little tired. i miss home, and my loved ones. but i am here, and i am doing everything i can to be present.

image courtesy of www.buildingbok.com

thank you tess guinery

so far my internship is going well. I’m learning a lot of valuable things about the fashion industry that I have been wishing to delve into ever since I started. My mind feels like it’s in kind of a fuzz right now so it isn’t very easy to be writing. So instead I will leave this quote I found that I love by Tess Guinery, that had sparked a mood in me where I had been delighted to walk longer today than usual, with my headphones in feeling fall coming in. Blisters on my ankles, but flutters in my heart.